meditation deconstructed
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learn why science says meditation is one of today's most essential life skills. two x 2 hour live on-line interactive sessions, and much more, as we explore how you can leverage this to create your most brilliant life!

Your 4-week   Interactive On-Line workshop

Meditation Deconstructed

An Ancient Dish, Served with a Modern Perspective

This is why – Mindfulness Meditation changes your Brain, your life, for the better!

Struggling to truly achieve the dreams  and goals you desire   in your life – relationships, career, health, and more?

Join me as we ‘Deconstruct’ some of the science  behind meditation, (just as a chef ‘deconstructs’ a meal to see its components,) so you can gain insights into how this practice literally  activates your brain to catapult you towards the life you want to create.

There’s an amazing science revealing how even a little meditation can significantly change your brain – in a good way!

(Maybe we should have called this workshop ‘Meditation :  Superfood for the Brain! ‘)

The last 5 – 8 years has seen some incredible new research into the effect of this ancient practice on our brain physiology, chemistry and neurology.

And the best news –

YOU can learn how to leverage and use this knowledge.

In your 4-week Program you will:


  • Investigate some of the science behind meditation practices.
  • Learn about the changes meditation makes in our brain
  • Discover WHY Meditation practices are an essential Life-Skill
  • Explore ways to put this knowledge into action


Meditation has     been shown to CHANGE the very nature of our brain, which in turn, shifts the very nature of our life…for the better. No drugs, no special diets, no gym memberships required…just you, and your brain (and a little bit of help along the way!)

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Elevate your Brilliant Life

 Join   our Introductory 4-week  interactive on-line   “Meditation Deconstructed”     Program to learn more With over four hours of impactful content spread across two sessions,  including 4 weeks access to our on-line Learning Group, discover how you can take advantage of this powerful knowledge and elevate your creating and living your most Brilliant life!

Imagine if everyone learnt this, if schools taught this! Imagine how YOU can  use this!

Gone are the days where we can hide and say its just some high level weird woo woo spiritual stuff. It’s a set of On-Demand Life Skills that you must   master!

Interactive Workshop

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Program & Session Dates 2019

Note: All Live Sessions commence 7.00 pm AEST (Queensland time) and run approximately 1 hour.

Session 1: Wednesday May 15th  Session 2:  Wednesday May 22nd

   Your Investment:   $97.00 Aus  (incl GST)

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  • Bonus #1 – Your exclusive Workshop Playbook with invaluable information and resources, yours to keep
  • Bonus #2 – 4 Weeks Access to your exclusive Online  Learning Group to share questions, insights as you learn (with input from Workshop Director, Lawry )
  • Bonus #3– A Selection of purposefully chosen Guided meditations for you to keep
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Lawry Scandar

Your Course Director

Psychologist, Sociologist, Speaker, Corporate & Community Consultant , Author & Educator.

Lawry is one of Australia’s leading MindShift experts with a unique ability for helping people release the mental and emotional obstacles that block them from achieving their very best in life and business.

A highly regarded Retreat Director, and Meditation teacher and practitioner, Lawry’s blend of personal and professional experience will lead you to insight after insight, in his engaging and fun way of teaching !

Lawry is driven by the belief that each of us has the will and the right to live a life fulfilled, doing what we love, and making a difference in our own life, and the lives of our families, and those in any communities we touch! It’s your turn! It’s your time!