"Behaviour Intelligent" Coaching

- for Coaches, Leaders, Mentors.

Looking for deeper, faster, laser-focused  insights in your Coaching?

Breakthroughs that lead to  more sustainable Behaviour Shift and Learning? 

 AMBI -  A Powerful, Accurate,  Integrated Coaching System

Target Behaviour with our Neural-Map Assessment

The only Assessment tool creating a detailed neural map designed specifically for leaders and coaches to   quickly  gain insights into clients'/ employees  neural-patterns that show up as behaviors

Leader/ Coaching Programs

Our tiered and integrated  leader and coach programs based on our Behavior Intelligence methodology.  Break through limiting behaviors and blind spots quickly. Achieve more sustainable results.

Behaviour Intelligence

Change happens when results align with objectives, and this can only happen when new behaviors are acted out. Learning new behaviors brings new outcomes.

Explore The Hidden Secrets Of
Neural-Behavior Intelligence Coaching

Everybody wants   the latest coaching sciences, tips, hacks, shortcuts, tools and secrets.

With so many  assessment tools out there, what make AccuMatch stand out?

Most assessment Profiling tools lead you to believe that people are fixed.
It's as if we become connected to the labels they assign you. The reality is WE ARE NOT FIXED.

As humans we are constantly learning, evolving and adapting - we are constantly changing.  Recent research around brain neuro-plasticity is testament to the incredible power humans have to alter the very shape of their brain for sustainable behaviour shift.  These changes whether subtle or significant are what separates us from other species.  Boxing people into 'categories'  as per the boxes many Personality Profiles suggest is no longer a viable option. In fact, it can be quite limiting!   PEOPLE ARE MORE COMPLEX THAN THAT.

What differentiates AccuMatch?

AccuMatch is a Neural  Behaviour Intelligent mapping assessment, NOT a Profile! 

AccuMatch does not presume any two people are the same, nor does it label anyone with any generic descriptor.

AccuMatch  provides clear and specific data that a leader or coach can integrate into their clients' context.   Scientifically proven data that is accurate and therefore applicable across all coaching environments.

AccuMatch is the only assessment tool that not only maps the neural programs that we run in our brain, it also guides  how to coach with it. Training is specifically focused on working with the neural behavior programs that each person you lead, or coach runs at an unconscious level. We do many things instinctively, in less than a micro second. Most of these are responses that others observe as behaviors that have been programmed into us throughout our lives.

These are behavior patterns  that have protected or at the very least served us well. In some cases they have kept us alive. It is these behavior that show up in response to triggers from others or from the world around us. And it is these responses that we run automatically and unconsciously that create limiting behavior or blind spots.

AccuMatch uncovers these quickly so you can help your clients, your coachees, understand and unpack these. Rather than spending months discovering these through traditional coaching questions, you and they can get to the core programs quickly.