Behavior Intelligence for
Leaders and Coaches.

Nagui Bihelek - Master Coach
Behavior Intelligence

Reach new levels in your business and career through understanding the impact of your own behaviours and that of others. A better understanding of the observed behaviours empowers you to influence and motivate those you  interact with.

Whether you are a leader, executive, business owner or coach, your communication and your action are what gets you the results you are getting.

To change the results you need to change your thoughts so that the observed behaviours demonstrate your commitment to success.

Behavior Intelligence in Leadership.

Ever wonder why some team members excel while others just seem to challenge you? Is it you or is it them?  Being intelligent about the behaviors of others as well as your own is the key to better leadership. 
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    Want to motivate and inspire your team? Great. That's just one part of Behavior Intelligence.
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    Want to take your own performance to the next level? Well, guess what your own behavior will directly affect the results you get.

Coaches are leaders too. Are you the  thought leader in your community?

You are judged not on your intentions by by your Observable behaviours, and the success of your clients. 
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    When your client doesn't complete their agreed tasks from one session to the next, do you blame them or yourself?
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    Taking ownership of their results, and your ability to influence these requires an understanding of behaviours.

As an executive, you are always looking for new ways to challenge your team to reach new heights. Behavior Intelligence is the foundation to being able to to do just that. By increasing performance, engagement and motivation you company or department can exceed expectations consistently.

Every coach knows that their own behaviour is the most important part of being a coach. It is the one thing that will gain you clients, and referrals because of the results you get for them. In order to be successful with others first a coach needs to be successful for themselves. A coach needs a coach that can help them achieve the highest level of self awareness and intelligence about behaviours.

What's a Behavior Assessment?

AccuMatchBI is a proprietary assessment built specifically with the context of the workplace in mind. It is the result of decades of research and development with individuals from all corners of the earth. It is founded on Cognitive and Behaviourist Psychology coupled with Neural-Programs and Language.
What it tells us quickly is a person's automatic unconscious responses to situations at work. Since most of what we do is usually an automatic response to a situation or task, then uncovering these neural patterns is the beginning of self discovery which ultimately leads to the understanding and improved communications with others.

Leaders and Coaches.


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